Pneuma's Advantage is Assessments

Hire well. Promote smart. COACH INTENTIONALLY.

At Pneuma Advantage, we come to work everyday because we get the opportunity to solve BIG problems. Business problems. People problems. In fact, addressing problems are what we do best, SOLVING THEM is what we do BETTER.  

In this age of information, we are more quickly than ever connecting people with SOLUTION by adjoining the engine of technology to come into alignment with relationship - creating the best ADVANTAGE for you.

We provide actionable systems that will demonstrate and measure significant shifts to your pre-hiring, promoting and leadership development so it is more transformational than ever before.

Pneuma Advantage significantly supported our business. By using the assessment tools they provided, we were able to uncover and discover the ‘why’ behind our STUCK. Their time-sensitive, on-point coaching created forward momentum not just for our businesses, but more importantly for us individually, the people driving the business. Simply put, when we shifted and changed,
our numbers shifted and changed. It was that simple.
Invaluable coaching. Crucial discoveries. Perfect timing. Grateful.
— Vince & Tracy F. - Cistek IT Solutions, Calgary, Alberta - Canada


Let’s face it - the results you TRULY want are outside of “comfort” and meeting new goals can be a struggle. We will guide you into new mindsets that will attract results in the most natural and authentic way possible. We are skilled at navigating change through COMMITMENT and ACTION.

Our “on-point” discovery process and global ASSESSMENT solutions illuminate the gold in people and connect them to their VALUE. Your unique VALUE is your GOLD. We’ll show you why.