the step one SURVEY II™ Assessment

Available for both the U.S.A. and Canada

This very cost effective, brief (15 min), pre-hire initial assessment, SOSII™, is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process.  It is scientifically designed to test a candidate in several areas:

1. Integrity – Adherence to moral and ethical principles in the work place.

2. Substance Abuse – Attitudes towards substance abuse in the work place.

3. Reliability – Attitudes toward following procedures, dealing with authority and working positively in the work place.

4. Work Ethic – Belief in the value of work and appropriate supervisory relationships in the work place.


It's a startling fact - employee theft and fraud averages $9.00 per day per employee!  That works out to about $2,000/employee subtracted from your bottom line every year.  While rank-and-file employees have opportunities to steal relatively small amounts, executives may embezzle tens of thousands – even millions of dollars from their employers. Could there be a better reason to hire people worthy of your trust? This assessment will answer the questions:  "Can this applicant be trusted?"  "Is this applicant dependable?"  "Will they be a long term, hard working employee?"


Recent industry estimates indicate that nearly 80% of computer crime is committed by “insiders,” at an estimated annual cost ranging from $100 million to as much as $1 billion. More than one-third of all companies declaring bankruptcy last year cited that they were “stolen out of business” by their employees.


Increasing lawsuits have made it extremely difficult, even illegal for you to ask important questions to determine the integrity of a job candidate. Past employers can be held liable for information they give you. If you choose to avoid hiring suspicious candidates, can you prove that you did not discriminate? In the absence of objective data, it is often impossible to demonstrate that your decision was made objectively, without regard to gender, race, age, etc.

Using reliable, validated solutions to address your key talent management issues, Pneuma Advantage can deliver immediate results via clear, actionable reports.
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